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According to the legal requirements listed below, the following information is given for the purpose of provider identifycation.
www.hike-autoimmunity.de is a domain belonging to ZIK HIKE, Greifswald, and is accessible via www.hike-autoimmunity.de. This domain is for information and communication purposes only and is non-commercial.



University of Greifswald


Fleischmannstraße 42

17489 Greifswald



Representative (with editorial responsibility):

Prof. Dr. Andreas Greinacher

E-Mail: hike@uni-greifswald.de


HIKE has only one location and therefore only one business address which can be used for all purposes.

This address is thus to be used for complaints.

Tel.: +49 3834 86 22340

The information given here has been provided to fulfill the legal obligations listed below:

* § 6 and § 7 Teledienstegesetz (TDG, law on internet trading)

* § 4 para. 3 Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG, data protection law)

* § 312c Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (BGB, German civil code)

§ 1 BGB-Informationspflichten-Verordnung (BGB-InfoV, section on information)

The above emphasis with respect to address and identity of the representative in were made with reference to the duty of emphasis in accordance with section 1 paragraph 3 of BGB-Info V. The information at this site is easy to recognize and directly accessible. This information is kept constantly available by Meilenstein Software GmbH.  This accords with legal requirements as specified in section 6 of TDG.



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Last updated: July 24, 2019