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Research in Greifswald
Living in Greifswald
Research in Greifswald

Greifswald as a research location

The University- and Hanseatic town of Greifswald has excellent credentials as a research location.

Between 2007- 2010 Germany's newest university hospital was built in Greifswald. The hospital benefits from its compactness and from the personal contact between students and teaching staff. The immunology, cardiology, pharmacy and physics departments are internationally renowned and offer ideal conditions for research, e.g. direct access to samples from cardiology patients and via the blood-bank, with the relevant information from transfusion medicine.



The Greifswald working group is currently heading a European multicenter placebo-controlled study on selective removal of antibodies in dilated cardiomyopathy. The study includes 23 top cardiology teams at university hospitals around Europe. This study, and a network of close cooperative relationships with universities and research groups around the world, ensures that Greifswald hospital has ready access to the latest research data. The hospital also has close links with FunGene, Greifswald's innovation center (ZIK) for Functional Genomics.

In recent years, Greifswald has developed strongly as a business location. This is supported by data from the atlas of the future "Zukunftsatlas 2007" (produced by Handelsblatt and Prognos advisory company). Further information



Within this research setting, the newly established ZIK HIKE research center creates an interdisciplinary platform that was not previously available.

The center covers an area of over 700 m2 and possesses a range of equipment for cutting edge research. The technical options available at ZIK HIKE include electron beam lithography, atomic force microscopy, full expression and purification of proteins, analysis of interactions of proteins (Stopped Flow and BIAcore), S2 laboratory conforming to safety requirements for genetic work, confocal laser scanning microscopy, imaging flow cytometer, conventional flow cytometer for analyzing up to 17 fluorescence parameters, high speed cell sorter and more.

With its concentration on protein interactions, the formation of complexes between biological molecules and their effects on the immune system, ZIK HIKE provides an ideal complement to the existing genomics and proteomics research platforms.