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Section Methods in Community Medicine


Section Methods in Community Medicine


Section Epidemiology of Health Care and Community Health

Section SHIP/KEF

Abteilung Allgemeinmedizin

Department of Prevention Research and Social Medicine

Medical Informatics Laboratory

Advisory Services of the Section

The main field of activity of the department Methods in Community Medicine is the methodological consultation of projects with reference to the Community Medicine during all project stages (planning, execution, data management, data evaluation, reporting and publication).


Depending on the presentation of a problem, consultation can range from an external service function (short consultation to individual questions) to an active and continuous participation in the realisation of a project.


Qualified advisory service on methodology helps not only to promote and secure the scientific level and the methodological standards of the supervised projects. Furthermore by harmonising the methodological procedures between each project (for example in the area of data acquisition and statistic analysis) a stronger integration, methodological networking and the comparability of results from different projects can be ensured.         


Main clients of our department are the institutes and departments of the University of Greifswald as well as co-operators from selected projects. If you have any questions about the advisory service, please contact

Prof. Dr. Sophie Baumann.




Institute for Community Medicine
Section Methods in Community Medicine
Walther-Rathenau-Str. 48
D-17475 Greifswald

Phone: ++49 (0)3834 86 77 60
Fax: ++49 (0)3834 86 77 66
E-Mail: icm-mcm@uni-greifswald.de 



Diana Neik

E-Mail: diana.neik@med.uni-greifswald.de

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