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Research fields/ functional units


Section Methods in Community Medicine

Section Epidemiology of Health Care and Community Health

Research fields/ functional units
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Section SHIP/KEF

Abteilung Allgemeinmedizin

Department of Prevention Research and Social Medicine

Medical Informatics Laboratory

  • Innovative Health Care Concepts and Regional Health Care
  • Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Neeltje van den Berg

    In the research area "Innovative Healthcare Concepts and Regional Care" we deal with research questions how to improve and ensure regional healthcare, especially in rural areas. The focus is on geographic analyses, cooperation between healthcare professions, telemedicine and eHealth. Innovative healthcare concepts, e.g. in the areas of pediatrics, geriatrics and palliative care are implemented and evaluated in model regions.

    The Integrated Telemedicine Center (IFT) is part of the research group. In cooperation with medical specialist, hospitals, and other health service providers, telemedical healthcare concepts are developed and implemented, e.g. for patients with mental disorders.

  • Interprofessional Healthcare and Education (IPE)
  • Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann

    The research area “Interprofessional care and education” focusses on patient care in an interprofessional context aiming at facilitating optimal holistic and patient-centered health care. All medical and therapeutic professions involved in care are included. The healthcare research projects currently being carried out or applied for go beyond the previous standard care and aim at improving the existing care in interprofessional, cooperative teams. At the same time, teaching and learning concepts for training and further education are being developed addressing and promoting interprofessional cooperation in the long term.

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  • Prevention Research
  • Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann


    The research area “Prevention Research” focusses on evaluations of behavioral and setting-based conditional preventive measures in the settings day care center and schools. Beside the examination of the effectiveness of the measures these evaluations serve to consult with politicians in the formulation of formulate health promoting and preventive strategies and measures in an evidence-based way. This includes analyses of data from day care centers, schools, and public health services.

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  • Dementia research (together with DZNE)
  • Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann, PD Dr. René Thyrian (DZNE)

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  • Central Unit for Cancer Registry Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania  
  • Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann

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  • Medical Informatics and Data Management 
  • Coordinator: Thomas Bahls

    The research area covers concepts, architectures, and methods of information infrastructures, including their optimization. A particular focus are the spots where clinical and research data meet data pricavy protection and ELSI aspects. A number of funded projects and cooperations make use of this expertise to design and operate project-specific processes and solutions. Inhouse software engineering closes the gap between open source and commercially available universal software. An example are the Trusted Third Party (ths-greifswald.de)software modules E-PIX, gPAS, and gICS, which are enhanced and optimized continuously.

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  • Medical Informatics/Data Integration

    Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Dagmar Waltemath

    The group of Prof Waltemath works to improve the management of

    biomedical research data. It develops methods and tools for data integration, provenance, semantic enrichment and standardisation. A common goal is to make research data accessable, traceable and

    comparable within the clinical domain and beyond. The mechanisms and data arising from the KAS+ projects form the basis for a continuous practical evaluation and further development of the methods developed in

    this group.

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    To discuss possible topics for bachelor- and master theses, as well as student helper positions and internships, please contact Dagmar Waltemath.

  • Forschungsunterstützendes KAS (KAS+)/Core Unit RDM (im Aufbau)
  • Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hoffmann

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  • Data transfer and infrastructure management
  • Coordinator: Dr. Torsten Leddig

    The subgroup data transfer and infrastructure management focusses on two topics. The first one being secondary use of research data for research. Therefore the subgroup operates the transfer unit for data and biomaterial management of the UMG. The second topic is the conception and operation of a modern IT infrastructure for research projects of the section epidemiology of health care and community health.

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  • Research Information System
  • Coordinator: Daniel Fredrich

    The research information system includes research activities such as publications and third-party funded projects at the University of Greifswald.

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  • Independent Trusted Third Party
  • Coordinator: Dana Stahl

    The Independent Trusted Third Party is responsible for central and data protection compliant management of person identifying data, informed consents and pseudonyms in context of medical and epidemiological research. Data management is conducted by using quality management, statistics and methodological research. You will find further information on the following Website  https://treuhandstelle-greifswald.de.

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