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Department of Immunology

One out of ten cells of the body is an immune cell! Their concerted action maintains the homoeostasis of the organism and guards the barriers of the skin, the gut and the respiratory system. In doing so, the immune system extensively networks with other cells and organs. Fat and muscle tissue, for example, as well as the central nervous system influence the dynamic balance between inflammation and immune suppression. Since the immune system, on the other hand, shapes most processes in health and disease, immunologists are of the opinion that every disease has an immunological interpretation.

Teaching immunology is a pleasure and a challenge. How does the immune system keep us healthy in a world of microbes? How does it fight cancer? What happens when things go wrong in the immune system and allergy or autoimmune disease are the result? Students find our textbook Grundwissen Immunologie an accessible introduction to this powerful system, which shapes both health and disease.




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Department of Immunology

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