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Based on the Evaluation of our patients, we learn to get better every day.
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surgical methods by hypospadia

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The most effective medicine is the natural healing power that lies within each of us. (460 – um 370 v.Chr.)

High-tech child surgery and health medicine

High-tech specialization at the highest Level and health medicine belong togheter us. We pediatric surgeons from Greifswald know that we can heal with the naturals powers in your child. Our seams put it togehter and show the nature where it is to grow.

Competence and humanity

So our Approach is gentle, full of humility and respect. We see our role in human competency, which allows for a careful, high-Quality, integrative medicine. It serves the deep desire to help children and contribute to their recovery. We know in the northeast that we take responsibility for the whole human being and his Family. We see holistically the human who has a disease.

Sustainability in children´s surgery

We take time for you. We are listening. In case of anamnesis, during the visit and during the final interview. Only those who sympathize and listen can also understand, grasp and make important sustainable choices. When a personis operated in childhood, all the results will always have an entire Long life. This is why sustainability is very important to us. The knowledge about the consequences of an operative Intervention beyond the current Situation influences our therapeutic proposals.

Pilot on the way to the right decision

Let us be your guide in an often confusing tangle of Information, advice, fears and decision. We are looking Forward to working with you to take full responsibility for your child in the whole range of gentle and high-tech medicine.

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Yours, Prof. Winfried Barthlen and the team of the pediatric surgery Greifswald