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Telemedical Care Research Group

Working group: obesity with psychiatric disorders

Section Public Mental Health and Stigma Research



Obesity and depression are important epidemiologic- relevant disorders.

One quarter of the German adult population is obese. One quarter of obese has an affective disorder (e.g. depression) or anxiety disorder.

Between depression and obesity a bidirectional association was found: obese patients have a higher risk to suffer from depression (OR 1.55) and depressed patients have a higher risk to become obese (OR 1.58). Personality disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder are also associated with obesity. Additionally obesity is often accompanied by organic changes (e.g. the central nervous system).



Association between waist circumference and gray matter volume in 2,344 probands in two epidemiological cohorts

The underlying mechanisms are unknown. Previous treatment-options are often without effect in obesity and even more complex in psychiatric patients. The working group investigates (psychotherapy) treatment options/response, prospective observations, genetic involvement, neurobiology and neuroimaging in obesity. Results from these investigations are incorporated in treatment options on the ward PSY-1.



Collaborating workgrops:

  • Mohamad Habes, Pennsylvania, US (Brain aging)
  • Grazyna Domanska, Immunology, Greifswald (e.g. serotonin metabolism)
  • Martin Bahls/ Marcus Dörr Internal Medicine B Greifswald (cardiovascular risk, motivation)
  • Working group Prof. Fischer in Göttingen (miRNA)
  • Telemedical Care Research Group (telemedical and application based behavioural long-term treatment)

Section leader:

Dr. med. Deborah Janowitz
17457 Greifswald

Email: janowitz@uni-greifswald.de

PhD candidates:

  • Christine Treu
  • Johanna Hoffmann



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