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Individualized Medicine aims at providing optimal treatment for an individual patient at a given time based on his specific genetic and molecular characteristics. This requires excellent clinical stratification of patients as well as the availability of genomic data and biomarkers as prerequisites for the development of novel diagnostic tools and therapeutic strategies. From 2009-2014 the University Medicine Greifswald, Germany, established the “Greifswald Approach to Individualized Medicine” (GANI_MED) project to address major challenges of Individualized Medicine. This project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (03IS2061A). During the project highly phenotyped patient cohorts (n>4000, metabolic syndrome, cardiology, kidney disease, fatty liver, stroke, parodontitis) have been recruited and an automated biobank and new bioanalytic techniques have been established. Profound research has been devoted to patient ethics, data protection, IT- structure and data management. Genome- and transcriptome-wide data have been generated and various technical examinations (e.g. MRI, sonography) have been connected to the research data base. Substantial scientific contributions have been published, new projects have been developed and grant applications have been submitted for the future research into Individualized Medicine and the translation of Individualized Medicine into clinical practice.Please visit the GANI_MED homepage:



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