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ZIK-ImageJ is provided for Windows and "as is". I do not provide any warranty and please use it as your own risk. While most of the components are free software - some plugins are covered by other licenses (see documentation).

ZIK ImageJ is derived from my own ImageJ installation on my computer and focuses on the generation of a toolbar for microscopy image manipulation. Since we own a Zeiss LSM510 and a DeltavisionRT most of the tools deal with manipulation of the image formats produced by these machines.

The "microscopy bar" is made with the ActionBar Plugin (by Jerome Mutterer) and integrates some macros that are supposed to make my life easier (and I hope yours, too). When opened (see documemntation for different procedures of opening DV or LSM files) the Images are first converted into Image5D (developed by Joachim Walter). In this process I rather use macros that parse available meta-information (using LSM-Reader by Patrick Pirrotte, Jerome Mutterer & Yannick Krempp or DeltavisionOpener by Sebastien Huart & Fabrice Cordelieres).

LUTs and Channel Titles should be assigned automatically. Most other macros will require the Image5D output - although for other data the plugins can be called directly.

Documentation and some other stuff is still in German (owing to the fact that I wrote it for my students).

ZIK-ImageJ Documentation
ZIK-ImageJ (MSI Installer for Win32)
ZIK-ImageJ.zip (extract ZIP archive and run ZIK-ImageJ.exe)