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List of Publications

  • Wecke, T., Zühlke, D., Mäder, U., Jordan, S., Voigt, B., Pelzer, S., Labischinski, H., Homuth, G., Hecker, M., Mascher, T. (2008)
    Daptomycin versus Friulimicin: In-depth Profiling of the Bacillus subtilis Cell Envelope Stress Responses
    Antimicrob. Agents Chemother., accepted

  • Mäder, U., Zig, L., Kretschmer, J., Homuth, G., Putzer, H. (2008)
    mRNA processing by RNases J1 and J2 affects Bacillus subtilis gene expression on a global scale.
    Mol. Microbiol. 70:183-196.

  • Kouwen, T. R. H. M., van der Ploeg, R., Antelmann, H., Hecker, M., Homuth, G., Mäder, U., van Dijl, J. M. (2008)
    Overflow of a hyper-produced secretory protein from the Bacillus Sec pathway into the Tat pathway for protein secretion as revealed by proteogenomics.
    Proteomics, accepted.

  • Mostertz J., Hochgräfe F., Jürgen B., Schweder T., Hecker M. (2008)
    The role of thioredoxin TrxA in Bacillus subtilis: a proteomics and transcriptomics approach.
    Proteomics 8(13):2676-2690.

  • Gedrange T., Weingärtner J., Hoffmann A., Homuth G., Ernst F., Bokan I., Mai R., Proff P. (2008)
    Development of an improved protocol to analyse gene expression in temporomandibular joint condylar cartilage of rats using DNA microarrays.
    Adv. Med. Sci. 18:1-7.

  • Dreisbach A., Otto A., Becher D., Hammer E., Teumer A., Gouw J.W., Hecker M., Völker U. (2008)
    Monitoring of changes in the membrane proteome during stationary phase adaptation of Bacillus subtilis using in vivo labeling techniques.
    Proteomics 8(10):2062-2076.

  • Meissner K., Kessler W., Meyer zu Schwabedissen H.E., Schuster K., Saalfeld K., Grube M., Buck A., Jedlitschky G., Maier S., Traeger T., Mostertz J., Homuth G., Heidecke C.D., Lehmann C., Kroemer H.K. (2007)
    Sepsis affects cardiac expression of multidrug resistance protein 5 (MRP5, ABCC5), an ABC-type CGMP export pump.
    Shock 28:564-569.

  • Mäder U., Homuth G., Völker U., Hecker M. (2007)
    Global regulatory systems mediating general starvation responses in Bacillus subtilis.
    In: Fujita, Y. (ed.) Global regulatory networks in Bacillus subtilis. pp. 205-228, Transworld Research Network, Kerala, India.

  • Van Duy N., Wolf C., Mäder U., Lalk M., Langer P., Lindequist U., Hecker M., Antelmann H. (2007)
    Transcriptome and proteome analyses in response to 2-methylhydroquinone and 6-brom-2-vinyl-chroman-4-on reveal different degradation systems involved in the catabolism of aromatic compounds in Bacillus subtilis.
    Proteomics 7(9):1391-1408.

  • Van Duy N., Mäder U., Tran N.P., Cavin J.F., Tam L.T., Albrecht D., Hecker M., Antelmann H. (2007)
    The proteome and transcriptome analysis of Bacillus subtilis in response to salicylic acid.
    Proteomics 7(5):698-710.

  • Hochgräfe F., Mostertz J., Pöther D.C., Becher D., Helmann J.D., Hecker M. (2007)
    S-cysteinylation is a general mechanism for thiol protection of Bacillus subtilis proteins after oxidative stress.
    J. Biol. Chem. 282:25981-25985.