Core Unit Cytometry

The Core Unit Cytometry (CU) is the brainchild of Prof. Barbara Bröker. The CU was established in the year 2019, and is located at the Department of Immunology, Institute for Immunology and Transfusion Medicine, University Medicine Greifswald. The Core Unit's fundamental goal is to offer a multiuser platform that gives research scientists from any institution at UMG and University of Greifswald access to cutting-edge technologies, thus enhancing the quality of their research.

Services offered at the CU Cytometry

1. Flow cytometry

Flow cytometry is a powerful high-throughput technology, which has become an indispensable instrument for analyzing multiple-characteristics of single cells within a certain population, in a short time. This technology allows researchers to carry out various investigations, including the expression profile of surface and intracellular markers, cell cycle analysis, cellular proliferation, and cell death (apoptosis or necrosis).


2. Chip cytometry

Besides Flow cytometry, the CU Cytometry will provide users with a next-generation technology. Chip cytometry is an innovative tool based on the immobilization of cells or tissue on a special slide referred to as "chip." With Chip cytometry, a researcher can analyze a virtually unlimited number of biomarkers of interest on a single tissue- or cell suspension sample. The advantage of Chip cytometry is that investigators can work at the single-cell level, with respect to morphology, as well as expression profiling of biomarkers both at the surface and intracellular levels. Moreover, the chips can be preserved for up to two years.


Core Unit Cytometry
Department of Immunology
Room: J03.07
Ferdinand-Sauerbruch-StraBe DZ 7, 3rd Floor
17475 Greifswald


Dr. VSN Murty Darisipudi, PhD
Scientific Coordinator
Phone: +49 3834 86 5460
E-mail: venkata.darisipudi[at]