General Diagnostics:

  • Persistent, recurring hypoglycemias
  • Glucose consumption > 8mg/kg/min (diagnostically significant, particularly in newborn infants)
  • Glucagon test (100 μg/kg s.c. or i.m., max. 1 mg) leads to "good" rise in blood glucose > 30 % of the starting value in 10-30 minutes
  • Insulin > 3mU/l during hypoglycemia with blood glucose level < 35 mg/dl (2.0 mmol/l). Hyperinsulinism can also be present even if this criterion is not met.
  • Free fatty acids in plasma < 600 mmol/l, ketone bodies (BHOB) in blood < 0.1 mmol/l
  • Ammonia elevated in glutamate dehydrogenase hyperinsulinism.



Contact made with a pediatric endocrinologist

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