Hello, my name is Jolina, I come from Oberhausen and I am 14 months old. After the PET-CT my mom was told that I had the diffuse form and an operation was out of the question. I would have to take medication for a very long time, possibly for life, constantly measuring my blood glucose and living in fear of hypoglycemias. We would have to come to terms with it, since there were no alternatives. Hair growing all over my body, like a little monkey - a known side effect of the medication - would have to be accepted as unavoidable. But those doctors didn´t know my mom! Because she wasn´t at all satisfied with these prospects!  She made contact with other parents, who recommended Professor Barthlen in Greifswald to her. Then we four women of our family - my mom, my aunt, my grandma and me - together drove to Greifswald.  Right from the start, Professor Barthlen told us he couldn´t make any promises, but that he would do everything he could to help me. And then I had a great piece of luck: a laparoscopy in March, 2011 showed that not all parts of the pancreas were affected to the same extent; that is, a so-called leopard pattern existed, with most of the activity in the pancreatic tail. It was then removed through a key hole - my belly button - in the course of the same operation. And the nearly unbelievable happened: from then on, my blood glucose levels are completely stable! Without medications and with completely normal eating! We drove home 10 days after the operation in Greifswald, and it was only here that we fully realized that our life had been fundamentally altered. No meds, no fearing hypoglycemias anymore! My mom tests my blood glucose from time to time, just to be sure; but it has been normal ever since the operation, already 4 months behind us. We can hardly believe our luck; and my aunt even made my own home page for me.


Jolina´s homepage



Children also healed more gladly meet with Prof. Barthlen - if only for social reasons, because there is nothing to check!

Television program "Visite" of 28.02.2012

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