Hello, my name is Lea-Sophie and I´m already 3 years old! In my case, arriving at a diagnosis was really difficult, and my parents took me to many hospitals and many doctors. The medical rescue helicopter often had to land in our garden for emergencies, for my severe hypoglycemias accompanied by seizures that at times happened almost every week!


But then one day I had another hypoglycemia while on vacation on the Baltic coast. We had to quickly make it to the nearest county hospital.  A very young medical resident just so happened to be there who shortly before had helped care for a child operated on by Professor Barthlen in Greifswald. So that is how he had heard about the - admittedly - rare disease hyperinsulinism, and he recommended a first approach to Professor Mohnike in Magdeburg. That´s where they made a genetic examination that is typical for the focal form!  I was also sent for a PET-CT scan to the Diagnostic-Therapeutic Center (DTZ) at Frankfurter Tor in Berlin. Besides the doctors there and my parents, also present at the examination were Professor Mohnike from Magdeburg and Professor Barthlen from Greifswald.  At first the PET-CT looked like a diffuse form, but after 2 hours of painstaking detail work the DTZ specialists succeeded in finding the focus in the middle of the pancreas. That created the chance for a complete cure through surgery!  And that is what happened: we drove to Greifswald the following day; the focus was removed laparoscopically and two days after the operation I was back in good shape again! Nine days later, we were released to go home cured; it´s been a long time now since my parents last measured my blood glucose. I am so glad that we did it, and that my parents didn´t let themselves be unnerved by other parents; some actually called us up to warn us against an operation and to advise emphatically against it! They didn´t even know that only a small part of the pancreas is removed during a modern-day operation in Greifswald, so that no diabetes can emerge later. Had my parents listened to such advice, I would still be sick today and would have to frequently get emergency care. This way, I´m healthy and can forget about hypoglycemias and my whole illness!


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PET-CT 10.05.2011

A small surprise visit in October 2011 in pediatric surgery.

Newspaper article in October 2011

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