Hello, my name is Lina and I´m 15 months old. I was born in Switzerland. My parents are German and Finnish. Two days after I was born I unfortunately collapsed, which gave my mama and my papa a big fright.  After a long odyssey through many clinics my parents found their way to Professor Mohnike in Greifswald. Then a PET-CT scan was made in the Diagnostic-Therapeutic Center at Frankfurter Tor in Berlin, and next my mama and I could fly in a helicopter to Greifswald on the Baltic to meet Professor Barthlen! So far from home! But there they operated on me in December, 2009, using the keyhole technique through my belly button, and I´ve been healthy ever since! No more blood glucose testing! And you can hardly see any scarring on my belly. Professor Barthlen and Professor Mohnike helped me so much, and they were so nice to me!

NDR Hamburg even made a movie about my odyssey and the operation. It´s going to be shown on TV soon; as soon as there is a firm date, I will let you know about it here!


TV report Lina's story

Article Ostseezeitung 24.12.2009

Pediatric surgery team and Greifswald Pediatric Clinic

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