Focal CHI

  • Berlin 2004-2008: 22 infants and children

    Prof. H. Mau - Prof. W. Barthlen

    Cure 86%

  • Greifswald 12/2009-08/2013: 20 infants and children

    Prof. Barthlen

    Cure 95%

"Cure" means a healthy child.

Normal nutrition, no medication, no more blood sugar measurement, nothing!





Segmentale mosaicform

  • Greifswald 03/2011-08/2013: 4 children




"No more medication" means that the children are off any medication after surgery. They keep their blood sugar in the normal range with starch-enriched nutrition only. Some of them go well without any additives.




Diffuse CHI

  • Greifswald 03/2011-08/2013: 10 children




  • 5 children with diffuse CHI do not need any medication after restructive surgery
  • 4 children take octreotide.
  • In one child a subtotal (92%) pancreatectomy was unavoidable.
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