Head and neck tumor center

Do I have cancer?

This question is one of the most unpleasant thoughts, when looking into the mirror and you notice that since many days you have an unclear small wound in the mouth, on the gums, on the tongue, in the face. The question needs a quick and reliable answer. If the result of the examination is: No cancer, then every patient is happy and the family is calmed down. And if the tumor suspicion is unfortunately confirmed, then the diagnosis is made at an early stage, and after all clinical experience and scientific studies, the early detection and early treatment ensures the best chance of recovery.

If you have a suspicion of having cancer of the oral cavity, jaw or face, or if you have cancer prevention in mind or want to be informed about prevention, then do not hesitate, get active and contact your doctor and discuss the presentation in our polyclinic with him/her. We are the specialists for oral and maxillofacial surgery (MKG-Chirurgie) in the certified head and neck tumor center. We cooperate with the German Cancer Society and the American Association for Cancer Research. Every day, we see many patients who come from all over the country, which are particularly difficult cases, and for them we clarify this question: Do I have cancer?

What to do if you actually have cancer, what treatment options are there?

The successful treatment of cancer today relies on a set of scientifically sound and clinically proven measures. The focus is on the surgical removal of the tumor, radiation therapy or by drugs against cancer cells. We determine the treatment that suits you best in a series of examinations in which we get a precise overview of the location and size of the tumor and its spread. For this purpose, you are under careful diagnostics to decide whether there are contraindications for certain treatment options. We discuss all results of the examination in the tumor conference of all disciplines involved in diagnosis and therapy. The result of this detailed medical consultation will then be offered to you as a treatment proposal, and you then have to make the decision on how we should treat the cancer. So, if you know you have cancer or you had cancer before and suffering from a relapse, or if you have already had successful surgical tumor removal, but you have facial defects or loss of function in speaking and chewing , then please discuss with your doctor how you can get access to our treatment, or contact us directly.


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