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Welcome to the Web Site of the Department of Neurosurgery of the University Medicine Greifswald

On the following pages we would like to inform you about the structure, medical care and research in our department. The medical activities of the department comprise the whole range of neurosurgical treatment possibilities for diseases and injuries of the brain, spinal cord, spine and nerves.


Our department is a centre for minimally invasive neurosurgery. The focus of our clinical research work is the development of endoscopic and endoscope-assisted surgical techniques. It is possible to remove pathological processes in the brain via small openings in the skull by using high quality endoscopes and the most modern operating microscopes (keyhole surgery). Additionally, we develop minimally invasive approaches via the nose to the central skull base using high definition endoscopes to minimize the trauma to the brain and neurovascular structures.


Further top priorities of the department are skull base surgery, epilepsy surgery, endoscopic pituitary surgery, deep brain stimulation, treatment of vascular malformations, spine surgery as well as peripheral nerve surgery.


Within the interdisciplinary centres there is close cooperation with other departments and institutes in order to be able to choose the most effective and least invasive form of therapy for each patient.


There is a close collaboration with the department of neurology including the epilepsy centre, skull base centre, tumour centre, spine centre and hand centre.

Henry W. S. Schroeder, MD, PhD




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