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Peripheral nerves


Complete operations on peripheral nerve system are carried out in our clinic. These operations comprise apart from the frequent operations connected with compression syndromes of peripheral nerves (carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve syndrome) in particular also neurosurgical treatment of peripheral nerve injuries and surgery of tumours of the peripheral nerve system. Complete interventions are generally carried out microsurgically or endoscopically.


Aftercare for surgically treated patients is available on Wednesdays in our own outpatient clinic with medical specialists (responsible person: Prof. Dr. med. H. Schroeder).


The medical care of patients is carried out in close cooperation with the neurophysiological laboratory (Head: Prof. Dr. med. Röder) of the Clinic for Neurology.


There is a possibility of outpatient rehabilitation in the clinic for patients from Greifswald and the area.


Carpal tunnel syndrome:

On a weekly basis multiple operations are carried out due to carpal tunnel syndrome. These mainly take place on an ambulatory basis. Appointments are made through the outpatient department (Tel. 86-6161).


For several years endoscopic treatment has been applied by primary interventions as the standard surgical procedure and followed scientifically. With equal results, compared to open surgery, this method has the advantages of better cosmetic results (smaller incisions), minor traumatisation and quicker usability of the affected hand.




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