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Neuroendoscopy Fellowship

Fellowship in Neuroendoscopy 2021

Course Outline

This fellowship program is aiming to train young neurosurgeons on using the endoscope in various neurosurgical procedures, in addition to give them a wide overview that would help in decision making in various clinical scenarios.



This fellowship is kindly funded by the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst / German Academic Exchange Service). Rules and regulations apply according to the "International Virtual Academic Collaboration (IVAC)" program.


Upcoming Dates

Next online lectures:


Friday, 6th Aug 2021, 4pm Cairo time

Friday, 13th Aug 2021, 4pm Cairo time

Friday, 20th Aug 2021, 4pm Cairo time

Friday, 27th Aug 2021, 4pm Cairo time

Friday, 10rd Sept 2021, 4pm Cairo time


Hands-on Course in Greifswald


20. September - 24. September 2021


Application Criteria

Please note: Age/gender distribution and nationalities of the sponsored candidates will be specified every year accordingly by the funding institution.


For the year 2021 the program is funded by the DAAD with the focus to train young neurosurgeons from Egypt in neuro-endoscopic techniques. Therefore the candidates have to be Egyptian residents.


Candidates have to be not older than 45 years by December, 31st 2021, with a minimum of three years of experience in Neurosurgery and must be fluent in English language.


Fellowship Guidelines

Please note: the following guidelines and rules are part of the contract between DAAD and the Department of Neurosurgery Greifswald. They are mandatory for all candidates without exceptions.


The fellowship has an estimated duration of 9 months. The fellowship ends with a certificate, if all modules were passed successfully.


The fellowship is built up on 6 modules (see Module Overview).


Only the 10 best candidates after the exam of Module 1 qualify for the following module. At least 2 of these 10 spots will be assigned to successful female colleagues.


All other candidates who passed the exam of Module 1, but did not qualify to attend the following modules have the right to take the exam of Module 1 again for two more years with 50% attendance only of the new module. However, full attendance is recommended to follow up the updates.


Candidates who could not attend or failed in the final written exam at the end of Module 6 have the right to reapply for the final written exam for two more years/times to get the certificate.


Please note, that the course outline and course sequence could change due to the corona pandemic, especially the travel to Germany for Module 5 - this Module could be canceled in the worst case! In the case that the travel to Germany is not possible for the candidates, there will be an alternative live-surgery-workshop in Cairo in 2021. Due to the regulations of the DAAD the course has to finish in 2021, so it would not be possible to postpone the travel to Germany to 2022.


How to apply

1. Scan or click the QR code to download the fellowship application form

2. Fill in the application form using the “Fill & Sign” option in any PDF editor

3. Scan a copy of your primary and highest medical qualifications

4. Send all documents as a single PDF with “Your Last Name, Endoscopy Fellowship” as the subject line to: neurosurgery@uni-greifswald.de



Please note that only the following e-mail is available for all contact regarding the fellowship:




Please do not contact the supervisors or the coordinator directly.


For any correspondation we will use the e-mail address you registered with for the fellowship. On this e-mail you will receive e.g. the invitations for the web meetings and the exams. Participation is only possible with this one e-mail address!



Modules - Overview

Module 1 (12th February 2021 - 19th March 2021, First exam: 26th March 2021)


6 weekly didactic lectures on neuroendoscopy basics

Revision seminar and first exam

Duration: 7 weeks

Venue: online



Module 2


Live surgery course with small group interactive seminars

Duration: 3 days

Venue: Cairo, Egypt



Module 3 (6th August 2021 - 3rd September 2021)


Weekly interactive clinical problem solving sessions with small group discussion

Duration: 5 weeks

Venue: online



Module 4 (18th June 2021 - 9th July 2021)


Weekly lectures on academic career development including an introduction to scientific research

Duration: 4 weeks

Venue: online



Module 5 (20th September2021 - 24th September2021)


Hands-on cadaveric dissection course with a review of literature seminar

Duration: 3 days

Venue: Greifswald, Germany



Module 6


Revision seminar

Final exam

Qualifying candidates receive dual certification from both universities

Venue: Cairo, Egypt




Fellowship Supervisors


Prof. Dr. med. Henry W. S. Schroeder (Greifswald)

Prof. Ahmed Zohdi (Cairo)


Organization Team


Dr. med. Ehab El Refaee (Greifswald/Cairo)

Jana Templin, M.A. (Greifswald)

Marc Matthes, M.Sc. (Greifswald)

Dr. Mohamed El Sawy (Cairo)

Dr. Ahmed El Rahman (Cairo)


Lecturers (in alphabetical order)


PD Dr. med. Jörg Baldauf (Greifswald)

Prof. Mohamed El Beltagy (Cairo)

PD Dr. med. Steffen Fleck (Greifswald)

Prof. Reda Kamel (Cairo)

Prof. Mostafa Kotb (Cairo)

Prof. Amr Safwat (Cairo)

Prof. Amr El Samman (Cairo)

Dr. Mohammed El Sawy (Cairo)



Past Fellowships



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