Current Research Projects

In our research projects, we focus especially on three topics while taking a differentiated and multidimensional perspective.

  • Views on aging and being old
    In many cases, individuals do not just have general positive or negative views on aging. Thus, we differentiate between gain- and loss-related views on aging in different life domains.
  • Addiction behavior
    We differentiate between several substance-related and substance-free addictions, such as alcohol addiction, consumption of nicotine or internet addiction.
  • Physical activity
    We investigate physical activity using self-reported and objectively measured data and we are interested in the role of sitting behavior and short movement units as well.

In our studies we examine differential facets of health such as physical health (e. g., illnesses), mental health (e.g., depressive symptoms), subjective health (how healthy a person feels), functional health (e.g., mobility) as well as life expectancy (subjective residual life expectancy; objective dates of death).

Our studies frequently use large samples of the general population.