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In the current funding period, the CRC-TRR34 has organized the following meetings:

  • International Meeting "Host-pathogen interactions in bacterial infections" hosted together with the Research Training Group 840 "Host-pathogen interaction in generalized bacterial infection" and the Alfried Krupp Graduate school "functional genomics approach to infection biology"
    Greifswald, 31.05. - 03.06.2010
  • Retreat of the CRC-TRR34
    Münster, 04.10. - 05.10.2011
  • Retreat of the PIs of the CRC-TRR34
    Bildungszentrum Erkner, 03.05.- 05.05.2012
  • 2nd International Conference "Pathophysiology of staphylococci in the post-genomic era" hosted by the CRC-TRR34
    Kloster Banz, 11.11. - 14.11.2012
  • Retreat of the coordinators of the four participating universities of the CRC-TRR34
    Bildungszentrum Erkner, 02.05. - 03.05.2013
  • Meeting of the PIs of the CRC-TRR34
    Greifswald, 25.09.-26.09.2013



Dr. Maja Richert

Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald
Institut für Immunologie und Transfusionsmedizin
F.-Sauerbruch-Str., DZ7
17475 Greifswald


p: +49 3834 86-5468
f:  +49 3834 86-5490
e: mrichert@uni-greifswald.de

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