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The Protecs database contains multi-OMICs data from different bacteria, including S. aureus. Protecs is web accessible and incorporates results of visualization science such as microcharts and heat maps. Interactive tools for expression data analysis are integrated, highlighting genes which are similarly expressed in single or multiple experimental setups. These tools help users to find important factors – genes and proteins – in S. aureus physiology.
For detailed information, see the corresponding publication.


Protecs-Link: http://www.protecs.uni-greifswald.de




Aureolib is by far the most comprehensive protein synthesis database for S. aureus available. It contains thousands of protein induction ratios obtained from S. aureus under different infection-related growth conditions. Intuitive filtering methods as well as search and visualization tools are provided to assist users in focusing on data of interest.
For detailed information, see the corresponding publication.


Aureolib-Link: http://www.aureolib.de




The wiki-type database AureoWiki was established to make the wealth of information on S. aureus available to both CRC-TRR34 members and external users. AureoWiki centers on the genes and proteins of three widely used S. aureus model strains (COL, N315 and NCTC 8325), compiling information related to a given gene/gene product on a single page. Orthologous genes of the three strains are presented side by side: they are linked by so called unified "Pangenome" IDs and gene symbols. Importantly, users can add and update information. Hence, the collective knowledge of the S. aureus researchers will be combined providing the community with comprehensive, up-to-date information.


AureoWiki-Link: http://aureowiki.med.uni-greifswald.de



Dr. Maja Richert

Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Universität Greifswald
Institut für Immunologie und Transfusionsmedizin
F.-Sauerbruch-Str., DZ7
17475 Greifswald


p: +49 3834 86-5468
f:  +49 3834 86-5490
e: mrichert@uni-greifswald.de

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