Research topics

Platelets: Molecular, cellular and systemic functions in health and disease:

Structure and function of the proteasome system in platelets

(DFG project in cooperation with the Institute of Medical Microbiology, Prof. Seifert)

Platelet phenotyping on the blood smear in patients with inherited platelet disorders

Phenotyping of platelet morphology in patients with myeloproliferative neoplasia

(in cooperation with the Institute of Hematology & Oncology, Prof. Heidel)

Development of novel methods in production and quality control of blood products

(in cooperation with the Institute for Biochemistry: Biotechnology & Enzyme Catalysis, Prof. Bornscheuer, Clinic for Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Schoon)

(in cooperation with the Institute of Community Medicine, Prof. Wolfgang Hoffmann and Dr. Kerstin Weitmann)